Friday, 27 May 2016

Karnataka Porngate

Remember the song “oh la la” from the dirty picture? Of course you do! Now do you know how many cases were booked against Vidya Balan for indecent exposure? Seventy Eight!
About six years ago in a pub in Mangalore, a group of hooligans calling themselves ” moral police” bashed up women who were present in the pub stating that they were in violation of traditional Indian laws.  
In a country where no one watches porn (Obviously), an actress was fined for obscene gestures and acts. Whereas in the same country, in the middle of a legislative session, two ministers were caught watching a girl getting raped by a man. How many cases were registered against these two gentlemen? Where was this so called “moral police” when your own netas where caught watching porn in an ongoing legislative session?

When questioned about this incident, the honorable ministers brush off the claim by stating that they weren’t watching anything pornographic and were just watching an Iranian woman getting raped! How is that justified sir? You watch a woman get raped and that is not a crime?  Innocent women beaten up in pubs is a crime! A heroine being bold on screen is a crime. But you watching a rape incident is not crime. 

How ironic that the house discussed public indecency just hours before the ministers were caught in the act!

Ultimately the whole issue was heavily politicized for the benefit for the political parties. An enquiry commission was set up. The ministers silently resigned and went back to being MLA’s, the respected representatives of people. On the whole the issue was nice fodder for media and a chance for the opposition party to garner votes. But in retrospect, did the matter become so serious because the ministers were watching porn or because they got caught watching it? Remember, no one watches porn in India.
But one thing I definitely want to see is the expression of the minister’s wives or daughters faces when they returned home after this PORNGATE scandal.

Also food for thought: The only celebrity who tweeted about this is Poonam Pandey (If you wish to call her a celebrity). Remember the girl who promised to strip if India won the world cup? But it would have been a waste even if she did because no one watches porn in India ( Sshhh…. ) 

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